Hard News 3 Draft- Avalon lower grades flag football games- Shibo Tan

On Oct 25, 2016, LS flag football Playoffs set to begin. Four houses are fully prepared to win championship, every members are crowed with passion and confidence. At the moment when I read this article, my heart was full of excitement and interests.

According to the nine matches of regular season, and a overwhelming score to Steward House (7-0-1), Carrol house was recognized as the strongest team. A strong teams not only needs strong members, but also needs player who are confident, like what Anton Parker(defensive player of Carrol House) said “we are an unstoppable team to beat, we work well together to complete one goal, winning” He states that the importance of cooperation and confidence, and shows that we will win the game.

The biggest win of the season came against Washington house, 5th player Jacob Nerstheimer defended star receiver and deflected Hail Mary pass in the end zone from quarterback Dawson Whippen on the game’s final play. Moreover, Stewart House was defeated by Carrol House by a overpowering score 28-0. Carrol House has once again proved they are the best football team.

It seems interesting and enjoyable in the match between Calvert House and Washington House, each team has talent and strong members, and they were also smart. In fact every members did very well in playoffs.

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