iPhone 7 Review: Students Jacked Up About Headphones

Apple’s announced the new iPhone 7 will not have a headphone jack and both students and teachers are angry.

Apple decided to remove the headphone jack and owners will have to plug the ear buds into the lightning connector.  Making the universally used 3.5mm plug practically useless.

Junior Max SantaRita said, “It’s just a money gimmick.”

Even news of the connector couldn’t sway opinions. SantaRita added, “It’s still stupid, they only did that for money.”

Teachers shared the same frustration, assistant headmaster Matthew Bronzi, an android user, said, “iPhones are garbage, Samsung’s are where it’s at.”

If you lose the adapter given with the phone, buying a new one will be $9 from the Apple Store.

The iPhone 7 also introduces airbuds, the new wireless bluetooth ear buds that last 22 hours on one charge.

Because the headphone jack and charging port are the same, the only way you’ll be able to listen to music while charging your phone is with the bluetooth headphones.

Besides the new headphone change the iPhone 7 boasts a new advanced camera system, the best battery life in an iPhone to date, water resistance and the brightest most colorful iPhone display.

“I’m excited for the new camera,” said teacher Patrick Duffy. “I always thought iPhones should be able to do more, and hopefully they’ve taken photography up a notch.”

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