Lunch Curveball No Problem For Students

Students found lunch at the snack bar Monday when the Avalon School Parents Association, ASPA, did not offer hot lunch.

The snack bar offered a substitute to the hot lunches so students weren’t particularly bothered by the change in schedule. Other students brought a lunch from home.

ASPA President Jacquie Kubin, who runs the snack bar and makes the hot lunches, asked Avalonians not to despair because the snack bar is full of items suitable for lunch.

Kubin said, “We have lots of items for lunch. We have fried rice, lo mein, chimichangas, chicken pot pie, and macaroni. There’s plenty to choose from.”

Furthermore, the snack bar menu is constantly expanding. They recently added hot dogs to the menu.

Meanwhile, teachers and students worried Monday’s hot lunch absence would cause longer lines at the snack bar.

“I sometimes I like to stop in and grab a water and perhaps candy,” said baseball coach Patrick Duffy. “I avoided the snack bar Monday fearing a long line.”

However, students who occupy the snack bar daily did not notice an increase in activity.

Junior Sanie Samura, a snack bar regular, believed the snack bar was just as busy as it always is.

“Everybody crowds around the snack bar everyday,” said Samura. He added the snack bar line is usually chaotic anyways.

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