Parker Leads Way For Carroll House’s Poetry Win

Carroll House 5th grader Anton Parker won the All Saints Festival Day Poetry competitive Tuesday when he recited Gods Grandeur, by Gerard Manley Hopkins.

“I choose this poem because I thought it was a pretty hard poem and thought the judges would be surprised,” stated Parker.

Ultimately, Parker was the one surprised when Head of Houses Jim Bostick announced he had won.

“I was so surprised because all the other poems I heard were good,” he said.

Parker memorized the poem within two class periods the week before after originally receiving Dragons Lament from teacher Jeff Kantor.

The first-time poetry winner immediately traded the poem after Kantor told the students God’s Gandeur would get them a better grade in class. Parker traded with Stewart House’s Ben Alicea for the Hopkins poem that helped him win the competition.

Parker saw stiff competition to win overall poem, but received his toughest challenge within his own house. Carroll House members expressed excitement for Parker’s win.

Sixth grader Karcsi Teleki, who finished second in the 5th and 6th grade group, said, “I’m going to be happy for him.”  He added being in second place is not so bad as it seems.

Meanwhile, Washington’s Peter Bronzi won among the 3rd and 4th grade recitations with All The World’s A Stage, by William Shakespeare. In one of the more impressive matchups of the day, he saw fierce competition from runner-up Ren Devereux of Calvert with his rendition of The Grim Reaper by Bob Gotti.

“[Devereux’s] recitation was full of character, and color, and really delightful,” said Kantor. “It suited his personality.”

In the middle school grades 7th and 8th, Calvert swept the top spots with 8th graders Sean Henderson and Aaron Rivas.

Still, Carroll continued its dominance in festival day poetry competitions as they defeated second place Calvert by 110 points.

Liam Tobin, Carroll, a staple of Avalon poetry competitions, tied Washington’s Nick Gamble for first place in the 9th and 10 grade group.

To finish off the win, former Poet Laureate Michael Rhodes, took the 11th & 12th grade’s top nod, and Carroll captain Danny Tobin won among house captains.

Final Poetry Results

1st Place: Carroll House – 1270 points

2nd Place: Calvert House – 1160 points

3rd Place: Washington House – 990 points

4th Place: Stewart House – 980 points


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