Headmaster Eases Clown Concerns

The Avalon School’s Headmaster stressed last week the Gaithersburg school is not concerned about reports of clown threats in the county.

“We are a safe school, located in a safe area,” said Headmaster Kevin Davern.

The school headmaster added he can count on the Montgomery County Police Department to take action in any dangerous situation.

Meanwhile, Pathways Church, where The Avalon School rents classrooms, is equipped with security cameras to make sure the safety of everyone on campus is under control.

Nationally, reports of clown involved incidents span from Oregon to the East Coast.

In Columbus, Ohio, a teen reported an encounter with a 6 feet tall clown holding a knife.

In Roseville, Michigan, two teenage girls, both 14, described an incident where two clowns chased them. Dearborn Police later arrested two 18-year old women in the case.

In Montgomery County, Maryland, threats online did not lead to real episodes, however the Montgomery Police did arrest students who made bogus threats at Rosa Parks Middle School.

In Prince George’s County, Northwestern High School received a threat on Instagram and officials decided to hold the school on lockdown.

Still, students at Avalon did not express worry over events they’ve seen in the news.

“Stuff like that doesn’t really happen around here that much,” said Joe Barnes, a senior.

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