Contini Family Contines Dominance In House T-Shirt Contest


By Lev Lubega

Avalon Head of Houses Jim Bostick announced Friday another Contini brother won the 2016-17 House T-shirt Contest.


Calvert House Sophomore Tobias Contini won the the 2016-17 House T-Shirt competition.

Calvert House Sophomore Tobias Contini won the contest and houses will dawn his design in each festival day for the school year. He also won a $50 gift card for his efforts.

“I felt confident I would win” and wasn’t surprised, Contini exclaimed.

The sophomore earned his second contest win, after being the first champion just a few short years ago.

This year’s design featured the individual house name, followed by “PROUD” with “At the Avalon School” on the front, and back highlighted a cross with a rose.

“I wanted to create something new,” he added. “The Avalon emblem inspired me.”

Additionally, the houses have their own special touch on their shirts.  Washington has a sword, Calvert has a ship and Carroll has a double-headed eagle featured on their shirt.

Teacher Kevin Oriani, who is the head of Stewart House, helped earn his team 50 House points as the competition’s first runner-up.

Other competition runner-ups include Washington House fourth grader Peter Bronzi, Carroll sixth grader David Sorensen, and younger Contini brothers Francesco and Luca.

Luca, a sixth grader, won back to back T-shirt Competitions before losing this year to his older brother. He hoped to win but saw the bigger picture in the results.

“Mine was too sports-like,” said Luca, “but I’m glad we kept the top prize in the family.”

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