Family Connections Help Carroll House Gain Slew of Foreign Students


The Avalon School’s Head of Carroll House credited family connections for acquiring mostly foreign students at Friday’s House Introduction Ceremony.

The ceremony is the first step in the new season of House Competition and takes place during the Our Lady of the Rosary Festival Day.

Carroll Head Tom Tobin claimed most of the new foreign students are Italian.

“We got a lot of Italians because of the family connections and where they are staying,” Tobin said in reference to host families.

Tobin also claimed the foreign students might contribute positively in terms of athletics since some of them play basketball and soccer.

However, Tobin did acknowledge there are pros and cons to adding foreign students. One downside includes some of the new students are only at Avalon until Oct. 14.

As for the foreign students who are staying for the rest of the school year, they should contribute positively to Carroll.

Junior Andrea Madona is one of the Italian students who should impact Carroll House immediately. Madona started for the varsity soccer team this year and quickly became one of the top players.

“He’s quite fast and a very bright student,” said Black Knights soccer coach Justin Kanka. The first year coach added he can see Madona contributing both in games and the poetry competitions.

Carroll House also gained more newcomers than the other three houses after losing many to graduation the year before.

As for the other three houses, even though they didn’t add as many new students, they managed to stay positive for more victories this year.

Washington House student Caleb Caceres believed new House captain Noah Taylor will add strong leadership. Taylor, a football player committed to the University of Virginia, is in his third year at Avalon.

Meanwhile, Stewart Head Kevin Oriani claimed his house also did not get as many new students compared to last year.

However, Oriani believes junior newcomer Carlo Jones might make a positive change for Stewart in terms of athletics.

Head of Calvert House Harris Moriarty mentioned his house acquired mostly new freshman and sophomore students compared to last year. He especially liked the addition of freshman baseball player Will Wikner for this athleticism.

The Heads of Houses drafted new students in a private meeting the week before the festival day. Drafting students into houses is a yearly occurrence.

After drafted into a house, a student is bound to that house for the duration of his Avalon career.


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