Sixth Graders Enjoy Two Field Trips Before Spring Break

The Avalon School’s sixth grade class traveled to The White House and the Monocacy Battlefield for two separate field trips before spring break began.

On March 10, the 13 member class went on a specialized, private tour of The White House which Avalon parent Ronnie Jackson put together.

Jackson is the President’s main doctor, and this connection allowed the sixth grade class to get a unique tour.

It was different from any usual tour, said teacher Charles Devereux.

During their travels throughout the 200-year-old building, the students met two special friends of the Obamas.

“The kids were able to meet their dogs Bo and Sunny,” said Devereux.

Additionally, student Liam Htay said that he liked how they were able to get a bag full of candy when they left.

Teacher Tom Stroot said it was a great experience and the kids obviously enjoyed themselves.

Later, on March 26, the class went to Frederick, Md., for a tour of the historic Monocacy Battlefield.

Devereux taught the class the events which happened during the Monocacy Battle.

“The kids had just finished an interesting lesson and it was necessary to take a field trip to the actually field,” said Devereux.

The Monocacy Battle is best known as the Battle that Saved Washington D.C was the last battle that the Confederates would carry out in Union territory. Students learned about the event which happened on July 9 1864.

During the trip, the students walked nearly the entire field, but could’ve done more but some parts of the battlefield were blocked off.

Still, the students were able to see authentic clothing, weapons, and other artifacts.

“We were able to see actual artifacts from the battlefield and they were really cool,” said Htay.

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