Families Attend Avalon’s High School Info Night

By Daqwan Hill

The Avalon School hosted an information night February 20 to discuss expectations for the all-boys high school in Gaithersburg, Md.

The meeting, hosted annually for middle school families, offers a look at how the Avalon upper school differs from the lower school levels.

Headmaster Kevin Davern conducted the talk, and also discussed how The Avalon School is different from public schools in Montgomery County.

Additionally, he told guests the expectations in the school and what it takes to be an Avalon student. For example, he covered building policies and punctuality.

Davern went on to describe the respect he has for the staff, and how the staff helps every student.

Multiple families attended the event to see if this would be a good fit for their children in the future.

Families seemed impressed by how things are in the upper school level of the school, such as an hour lunch and being able to leave campus.

These type of meetings are very effective because there are a lot of questions Davern can clarify for parents.

Others said they wouldn’t be surprised if they saw The Avalon School population increase within the next couple of years.

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