Busted: No Dodgeball For You

By Clayton Scheutte

Teachers excluded several upper school students Wednesday from playing in the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas Dodgeball Tournament for not having their house shirts.

Reasons for not having the proper attire ranged for laundry issues to forgetfulness.

Eleventh grade athlete Melvin Cooper didn’t bring his T-shirt because it was dirty.

“I was flabbergasted that I couldn’t play because of a lousy T-shirt, what’s the big deal?”

Washington Head of House Nolan McElaney didn’t know it was a festival day. He wanted to participate but rules wouldn’t let him play In school clothes.

“Happy to cheer on my house but it didn’t feel good to not be able to play,” he said.

Football player Grant Ibeh lost his shirt and he was disappointed he couldn’t participate.

“It sucks to not be part of the fun,” he complained.

However, other students couldn’t play because of certain circumstances and gave their shirts to other players.

For example, soccer player Sebi Gilardi is still recovering from a broken leg he suffered during the soccer season. He gave his Carroll House shirt to another player to take his place.

Still, rules are rules and no matter how many students couldn’t participate teachers held strong to their position.

Avalon teacher Matt Stroot said he makes kids wear house t-shirts so referees know which house students are playing for.

Additionally, the rule prevents players from jumping to houses so they can play with their friends, instead of for their house.

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