Basketball Earns 13th Season Win

Avalon Black Knights varsity basketball improved their record to 13-7 for the season after winning both games last week.

Last Monday, Avalon won against Don Bosco Cristo Rey. The final score was 54-46 in favor of the Black Knights.

Avalon’s top scorer for the game was junior Kory Foland with 19 points. Other contributors included sophomore Pearce Howard with 15 and senior Zamir Courtney with 14 points.

The team’s overall feeling about the game was that it was too close and they should have handled Don Bosco more easily. Two possible reasons the game was so close however are because senior Berthin Mayo did not play due to a sickness and Courtney did not play the majority of the game after getting head-butted.

The Black Knights also beat Spencerville Adventist Academy last Thursday by a final score of 54-48. Again however, the team felt they should have played better and won the game more easily.

Mayo and Howard led the scoring with 11 points each and Courtney followed with 9 points.

With a game with rival The Heights School on Feb. 18, Avalon is looking to play better basketball. The Black Knights lost to The Heights earlier in the year by a score of 68-54 so they would like to gain momentum going into the game.

The Black Knights have eight games remaining in their schedule and will end their season by attempting to repeat their championship in the Saint Anselm’s Tournament in March.

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