Middle School Wins Tournament

The Avalon School’s middle school basketball team defeated Edmund Burke and Lowell School to win the Lowell School Invitational Tournament.
The first game was against Edmund Burke School in Northwest D.C. on Wednesday.
Avalon coach Chuck Devereux explained the game was tough at the beginning as the members of the team had a lot of missed shots and were not rebounding very well.
“We called time out and had to fire the guys up and get them back into the mode of crashing the boards,” he said.
Despite the struggles occurring in the first half, Avalon ended up winning the low scoring playoff game. Devereux named point guard Austin Allison and center Demon Clowney as the two leading scorers of the game.
The championship game was on Friday against Lowell School. Like the game against Burke, there were plenty of struggles throughout the game.
In an intense and physical game, the Black Knights were able to pull off another victory with an impressive score against Lowell of 40-15.
In addition to the leading scorers of Austin Allison and Demon Clowney, Coach Devereux also felt incline to mention seventh grade player Michael Gardener who did a fantastic job in the championship.
“We had a lot of size and experience” said Devereux. “[Allison, Clowney and Gardener] have great experience and are great basketball players.

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