Skating Trip A Huge Success

Avalon School third, fourth and fifth graders enjoyed an ice skating field trip to Rockville Ice Arena last Wednesday.

“It was a fun bonding experience with the teachers and students,” said Avalon lower school teacher Istvan Teleki.

Teleki sparked the idea to take the students on the trip from memories of his own annual ice skating trips when he was in school.

Fellow Avalon teachers Roger Porres and Caleb Glaser joined Teleki in taking the students to “Get out and have fun,” as Porres explained.

Still, a few students walked away with minor injuries during the trip. Third grader James Kolf chipped one of his front teeth.

“There were lots of injuries, but the kids always jumped back up and wanted to keep going,” said Teleki.

The students found the trip thoroughly fun, and are excited for future ice skating field trips.

“The students had a great time, and I hope we can make it an annual trip,” Teleki added.


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