Calvert Races To Flag Football Championship

Calvert House passed their way to victory in the 5th and 6th grade flag football championship as they thumped Carroll Wednesday.

“Calvert is the best and we played a great game,” said 6th grade captain of Calvert House Patrick DeMarchi, after their 37-18 championship win over Carroll.

Calvert started the game off strong with a quick touchdown pass to John Collins from Keith Scott.

Carroll answered right back with a touchdown of their own, tying the game at 6-6.

Calvert scored again, going right back to their super effective deep passing game to take the lead. They quickly scored again with an interception returned for another score, putting them up 19-6.

Scott, a 6th grader, finished the game with four passing touchdowns, two of which to his main receiver Collins.

Carroll made efforts to cut the lead with rushing and receiving touchdowns by 6th grader Liam Tobin.

“We did good running the ball, but we could have done a lot better defending the long ball,” said Tobin.

Calvert used their speed to beat defensive backs down field all day.

Carroll captain Reilly Smith added, “They had too many star receivers, and Liam was my only receiver.”

Late in the game, Calvert House 6th grader Cameron Luchie caught his first touchdown of the season on a screen pass from Scott.

Calvert House went into the game as favorites to win and dominated as expected.


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