An Exchange Student’s Guide To The Big Apple

New York is the biggest city in United States, and is the city most people want to go to.

The food, the attractions, traffic and shopping are the most important part of New York City when people travel around New York.

The best attractions are The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building and Time Square.

When you go to The Statue of Liberty, you don’t go to the island, you take the boat go around the island. When you on the boat you go under the Brooklyn Bridge and can see the scenery around the river.

The Empire State Building is the tallest building in the New York City. You can overlook New York City on the building, so you can see the while city very well. And enjoy the scenery you see there.

The Time Square is the one of the best place to go to at night. The neon light was beautiful at night. It also the thriving entertainment and shopping center, and a lot companies listed in the Time Square

The food also is the most important part of New York; people cannot live without food. The Asian food is one of the best foods in New York. The best are Chinese food and Korean food. The best Korean food in New York is barbecue, the worker cook front of you. After they finish cooking the food, the taste is different as the general food; it tastes a bit sweeter. The Chinese food in New York is authentic; it feels like being back in China. The best kind of Chinese food is Southern cuisine; Braised Beef is one of the best. Most good Chinese food is braised. That beef is chewy and the taste is amazing.

The best place to go to on the Black Friday when you are in New York is the 5th avenue, there are a lot nice fashion brands. There are Prada, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, LV, Chanel and other stories. Most of these goodies are usually over $200. If you want to buy shoes there Prada is good store to go to, but Prada’s leather shoes don’t feel well when you wear them. If you want to buy perfumes Chanel is the good store to go to. And Giorgio Armani’s clothes are great.

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