All Saints Festival Results Announced

By Jimmy O’Neil

Avalon Head of Houses Jim Bostick announced Tuesday Stewart won the All Saints Day Festival over second place Carroll.

“I think it’s our time now,” said Stewart captain Matt Agrafiotis after spotting the outcome of the festival outside of the school.

Sophomore Tomas Alicea carried Stewart in poetry. He won the 9th-10th-grade bracket and earned best overall individual recitation.

Later, Stewart paired with Calvert for the capture the flag competition and they won when Calvert’s Brendan Sloan ran the flag across the finish line.

“Those pair ups were actually really good,” said Bryan Griffith, a senior in Stewart House.

The capture the flag win helped Calvert finish in third place.

In fact, students in Calvert House carried the flag out of the circle.

Still, Stewart House won thanks to competitors such as Griffith, a senior who gave them an extra push when he tied for second place with Calvert’s Kevin Brocato in the 11th-12th-grade poetry bracket.

Washington House finished in last place.

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