Carroll and Washington House Own K-2 Festival

By Wyatt Karem

Carroll and Washington Houses dominated the All Souls Festival Day Friday in the kindergarten through second grade challenges.

Competitions included poetry recitation and a game of modified capture-the-flag where students search for a flag but are not tagged out of the game.

Carroll House won the poetry competition later, with Washington House, defeated the Stewart-Calvert team in the capture-the-flag competition.

The competitions for kindergarten through second grade began last year but not without issue.

According to Avalon School teachers, the younger kids like to participate in the festival days but it is hard to keep them focused at times.

“We try to get everybody participating,” said Istvan Teleki, a second-grade teacher. “With the kindergartener’s, their attention spans can be really short, so we don’t force them [to play].”

Teleki added that the teachers are able to keep the younger students engaged most of the time and the students are “are certainly enthusiastic at the beginning of each game.”

In the Lower and Upper School competition, Carroll House students in grades 3 through 12 won the poetry competition. However, they lost to Stewart and Calvert Houses in the capture-the-flag game.

The results of the K-2 students are added to the total points of the year, which could move third-place Carroll House and fourth-place Washington House up in the rankings.


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