Junior Decides On Scout Project

Avalon senior Merlin Shorb is an Eagle Scout.

Avalon junior Merlin Shorb

Avalon junior Merlin Shorb announced Wednesday he will build a hedge line around a hill at First Baptist Church for his Eagle project.
“This will help control foot traffic, prevent erosions and help the property look nicer,” said Shorb.
Shorb decided on the project thanks to a suggestion from Avalon faculty member Tom Stroot.
The project will take place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday Oct.12 at the Gaithersburg church where The Avalon School is located. 
Shorb will procure tools and supplies required for the project from his family and friends, which includes flat shovels, work gloves and mattocks.
“Becoming an Eagle Scout will help me with planning, organizing and leading and also help me know how to get stuff done,” said Shorb.
In the meantime, Shorb will seek the help of 30 volunteers from the school, family and members of his Scout Troop. Planned shifts for morning and evening are in the works.
One of the most important rules to remain eligible for your Eagle is that you must have everything including your project done by the time you reach the age of 18.
Fortunately, Shorb still has two weeks until his 18th birthday. He positive the project should be completed with plenty of dedication and hard work in one day.
Anyone who who wishes to help out with the project should definitely come by this Saturday at The Avalon School.

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