College Acceptance Letters


By now everyone in the senior class has hopefully gotten accepted into at least one of the colleges they applied to in the fall. I got accepted into McDaniel College and Mount Saint Mary’s University while the others gave me weird acceptance letters for some pretty dumb reason.

I only got one rejection and that was the University of Maryland. The reason I got rejected wasn’t really my fault. I submitted my application early action (like the rest of my applications). I went to check my application online to see what their decision was since a lot of my friends were getting responses from them. When I checked my application, it said my application was not complete (even though it was). The reason why it said that was because they couldn’t match my documents. The reason why they couldn’t was because my name on my application was different from the name I put on my SAT (Christopher and Chris). McDaniel, Mount Saint Mary’s and Towson didn’t have this problem, but Maryland couldn’t match my documents even though all the information (besides my name) was the same.

George Mason University had the same problem; however, instead of being rejected I was put on the waiting list. I would have to commit to the waiting list and they would accept me when there was room available. I took my SAT’s a year before I did the college applications, so I kind of forgot how I wrote my name. I understand they have a ton of applications to go through, but it should not be that hard to figure that out.

Towson gave me a weird letter. I was accepted into a community college like program, but it’s what they said in the letter. Basically the said something along the lines of they accept me, but don’t have room for me, but I can live on campus; however, I can’t take Towson classes. I don’t quite understand this. I don’t think anyone who I showed the letter to understands. Anyway it doesn’t really matter since I’m not going there.

Overall one out of five colleges only rejected me that I applied to. After a very tough decision I made up my mind that I am going to McDaniel College. I believe that going there is going to really help me decide what I want to do with my life after college.

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