C-Whitt’s World: Times Like These


In times like these nothing interesting seems to be happening at Avalon. The lack of events happening here makes being at Avalon kind of boring.

Our Journalism teacher wants more articles having to do with the school and what is going on here. Everybody says that there is nothing interesting or important happening they can write about. Unfortunately this is true and it is also why I am writing about this.

This time of year is a time where nothing really happens. The holidays are over so there is nothing holiday related going on. Any holidays that happen in the future are too far away to think about.

Nothing much happening in classes these days either. None of the teachers seem to have anything interesting planned for class. Before there used to be projects or field trips, but lately these past few weeks have been pretty bland.

The weather does not help either. It has been too cold outside for the past few months. The cold weather makes people not want to do anything. I mean I don’t even feel like driving anywhere because it’s always too cold outside. If you can’t tell, I cannot wait for spring, and I am sick of this weather and of wearing heavy jackets and clothes.

The teachers did come up with something for us to do. The plan was to do a ski/museum trip. I went on the museum trip. Basically all we did was go to the Natural History Museum and the National Portrait Gallery in DC. I really can’t think of anything else to describe about the trip other than the fact it was raining for most of the trip. Like I said before, I hate this weather. I imagine the ski trip was more exciting.

There are some events that are going to happen. Rehearsal for The Avalon and Brookwood Gala is starting and will go on until April. Spring break is coming up in about 3 weeks, but even that seems like a long time from now. Other than that, nothing really exciting is really happening at Avalon.     

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