Secret Meeting Yields Little


Stewart House leaders Sam Phillips, left, and Jim Bostic.

Avalon’s Stewart House held a secret meeting last Tuesday to strategize for upcoming poetry competitions and the last field day of the school year.

Many Stewart House students and teachers denied the meeting’s existence, including senior Chris Whittington, teacher Sam Philips and Head of Avalon Houses Jim Bostic, also a Stewart House associate.

The meeting took place during break, right after second period.

Stewart Captain John Paul McPherson avoided Chronicles reporters and refused comment.

However, in an exclusive interview, Stewart senior Patrick Stoll detailed elements of a house in disarray following the Annunciation Festival Day.

“During the meeting all they talked about was how bad their poetry was during the field day,” he said.

Stewart House, a perennial competitor for the championship, is noticeably slipping in the house standings this year. Currently, Carroll House is in first, Washington in second, Stewart in third and Calvert in last.

With The Feast of St. George Festival, the final house competition, coming up soon, achieving house points is critical now than any other time in the year.

No other houses have a planed house meeting as far as public knowledge is aware.

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