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Courtesy CNN.com

Not very long ago my good friend Thomas Bonatti received a shot which is administered in two parts, occurring on different dates. This brought back some painful memories of something that happened to me not to long ago.

Last year I received a vaccine that required three shots as well. It was called the HPV vaccine which is supposed to prevent Human Papilloma Virus. As the school year began I started to feel this pain in my back. At first it wasn’t that bad all, I only felt a little discomfort when I sat on a hard surfaces. The pain however, progressively got worse and worse as the year went on. It got to the point that whenever I sat down anywhere I would be in excruciating pain.

I ended up getting several physical tests including an x-ray, MRI, ultrasound and a blood test. The x-ray didn’t find anything. The MRI, which I fell asleep during, showed that my spleen and liver were abnormally large in size. This led to the ultrasound and blood test, and missed school time. The results of those tests however were inconclusive, so I was back to where I started.

After having the second part of the shot, my parents decided that they would not let me get the third. Around this time, when I was supposed to get the third shot, my back started feeling better. With no explanation as to both how I got the pain and how it got better almost immediately, the only thing that it could possibly be is the original shot. It was the only thing that happened to me within that time period.

When it comes to shots, sometimes doctors are a little inaccurate about possible side effects. They say that the shot has no side effects -other than the small pain you feel from the shot- but every person is different. I got back pain from the shot, but Bonatti most likely won’t get that. The doctors usually are accurate on the immediate effects on shots, but there is always a small possibility of getting some weird effect from any kind of shot/vaccine because we are all different.

I’m glad my friend is ok, but next time I’m putting my doctor through the ringer. I’ll ask questions such as, “Why do I need this?” “What are the alternatives?” “What are the possible side effects I should look out for because last time my back was hurt?”

All in all, the lesson I learned was to be vigilant, aware, and to take control of my medical treatments.

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