Catholic Youth Meet In DC For Life

The Washington Archbishop Donald Wuerl celebrated mass Friday at the Verizon center for 17,000 youth before the March for Life.

Before the mass, Wuerl asked the pope’s apostolic nuncio to United States Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano to read a letter from Pope Benedict XVI, in which the pope gave his thanks “to all those who take part in this outstanding public witness to the fundamental human right to life.”

The Mass for Life at the Verizon center is held every year before the March for Life, an annual event held since 1973. A concert and rally preceded the mass for the attendees, of which consisted mainly of high school students.

The biggest portion of youth at the mass is from the DMV, but many of the youth are from places as far away as California. There was a large presence of youth from New York City.

Youth came to the mass by every means, from plane to bus, some traveling for several days to reach Washington, the March for Life, and the Mass for Life.

In previous years the Verizon center has held up to 20,000 people for the Mass, but this year to accommodate more people there was another mass held at the Comcast center.

“There were way fewer people at the Verizon center because of the mass at the Comcast center this year,” said Avalon senior John Paul McPherson.

The March for Life has been held since 1973 when the Supreme Court ruled that abortion was legal.

Nelly Gray, who died before last year’s March, first organized it.

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