Murderball Ends In Tie


Avalon held its annual Murderball tournament January 28 to celebrate the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas.

City of Gaithersburg’s Bohrer Park hosted the event, which featured two gyms. Murderball is Avalon’s modified version of dodgeball which two houses pair up and face the other two houses.

Calvert and Carroll Houses finished in a tie for first place with 650 house points each. Washington came in second with 450 points, and Stewart house finished with 250 points.

In murderball, the school is split up into a group of younger students and older students. Both groups are then divided into two teams, by house, to play murderball.

When time runs low in the game, players are no longer restricted to their respective sides.

To speed up games, boundaries were eliminated in the second high school competition of the day, but the game still went on for several minutes.

Usually borders are stripped late in games allowing the team on top to finish off the other team in a matter of seconds.

Calvert House captain Emmett Sloan was not able to play due to an injury but he still was there to support his house and cheer them on.

Avalon claims Muderball as a great school tradition and one of the many ways that Avalon a unique and different place to get an education.

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