C-Whitt: The Doldrums of Winter


Christmas is over and 2013 has started and everyone is back to their normal routine of work and school. The Christmas break was long we had almost two weeks off from school. Still, it’s a big adjustment (for me at least) to get back into school and deal with getting up early, the work and the tests.

It seems like a real drag because of the nonstop work until the spring. Don’t get me wrong, there are some long weekends that we get here and there but if you were to compare it to the month long wait between Thanksgiving break and Christmas break; it’s just not the same.

The weather is also bad. Until the spring the weather is usually pretty cold and windy, it also gets dark earlier and getting some snow is possible. I really don’t like snow, I hate maneuvering through it, but it isn’t all that bad if we get some days off, I suppose.

I’m reminded that high school students have midterms in the next few weeks.

When that time comes we’re going to have to study for the majority of the days and it’s going to be rough.  On top of that most seniors, much like myself, are getting senioritis which does not help this current situation at all.

Most of us got accepted into a few colleges already (I got accepted into two so far). We are kind of getting the feeling of what is the point to continue doing our work for school because we’ve already won the race. “I’m done with school,” is a running joke between me and many of my friends in the senior class.

The only good thing about now is the fact that most of school year is done and that’s about it.

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