C-Whitt’s World: The MVA, In All It’s Glory

Last Thursday, I was at the MVA and failed my driving test for the second time. The first time I failed the test at the MVA in Gaithersburg and I failed because I didn’t use a turn signal while parallel parking. I was unaware this was a rule when taking the test. It was sad though, because my parking was perfect and I didn’t need to straighten the car at all.

Then, after waiting for almost two months, I was finally able to take my driving test a second time in Frederick.

After watching one person pass the skills test (parallel parking and backing in a space) and another one fail it, I was finally able to take my test.

My examiner got in the car and everything went downhill from there. This guy had the mentality of a marine. I knew immediately this test would be rough and I would be lucky to actually pass this one.

I passed the skills test this time and went to start the road test. If you thought how I failed the first time was dumb, this is worse. I came to a stop sign and I stopped, looked both ways and then went when my way was clear. The examiner failed me because he didn’t feel a jerk in his seat when I stopped, and because of that he thought I made a rolling stop.

I was at a loss for words for what just happened. I don’t care what this guy says I know I stopped and my Dad saw me stop as well. For all this time I have been stopping smoothly without jerking my passenger so I don’t defenestrate them through my windshield, and this guy thought I should be doing the opposite.

As if failing wasn’t bad enough, what really gets me aggravated is that these examiners will compliment me on how good of a driver I am, and then say I failed because of something that in reality is small is made huge at the MVA.

The only good thing that came out of this is that I get to take my test a week later thanks to my angry Dad. I also think that the MVA driving test slots are not full all the time like they say they are online. The first time I failed, I had to wait almost two months to get my second test, and now I have to only wait a week. I just don’t believe that everybody in this area is scheduled to take a driving test for several weeks or months.

I just think that the MVA doesn’t employ enough people to run these tests. This is why I think the MVA is stupid.

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