Maryland Says ‘Yes’ On 7

The battle over the spread of casinos comes to Maryland. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images.)

Maryland voters approved expansion for gambling casinos by voting yes on Question 7 at the polls November 6.

Prince George’s County‘s National Harbor will host the new casinos funded by MGM Entertainment and supported by Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley.

Both politicians and businessmen promise the new venture will bring 10,000 permanent jobs and 2,000 construction jobs to the state.

In addition to new jobs, supporters of the bill claim much of the money made by the casinos will go to education.  Governor O’Malley promised $199 million in new school funding.

“Money in Maryland is money in Maryland, regardless of where it goes,” said first time voter Isaac Gerendasy, an Avalon senior.

Still, the new law comes with controversy and only passed with 52% of the vote. Prince George’s county approved the measure by the largest margin of  any county at 59%.

Opponents argue loopholes in the law will prevent the money from finding its way to schools. They cite the lottery and casino expansion in other states as examples of how politicians failed to follow through on that promise in the past.

“They promise millions and millions of dollars for schools… but I doubt they see a penny of it,” said senior Zach Jensen.

Even so, most Avalon voters agreed with the bill and look forward to seeing the casinos open.  Many explained even if the money does not go to schools it will still create desperately needed jobs in Maryland.

Maryland voters also passed laws allowing same-sex marriage and instate tuition for undocumented individuals for public colleges in the state.

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