Recap: Sandy Crushes East Coast

Courtesy of NASA

After tearing through Cuba and the Bahamas, super storm Sandy made landfall last Monday as she began to work her way up north.

By Tuesday, Sandy began to lose steam in the Washington, D.C. area as it slowly began to drift towards Pennsylvania and continue its path into Canada. The storm’s damage along the east coast is done but not before Sandy left her footprint . Currently, 51 people are reported dead and 7.5 million people left without power.

New York

Wall Street did not open for 2 days, the subways flooded, and almost all of Manhattan was blacked out.  One neighborhood was set ablaze.

“The damage we suffered across the city is clearly extensive, and it will not be repaired overnight,” said New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. Power is not expected to be returned to the whole state for a little over a week.

AP/Google Earth, Doug Mills A look at Mantoloking on Sept. 20, 2010 from Google Earth and on Oct. 31, after Sandy.

New Jersey

Fires destroyed numerous homes in a coastal town fueled by natural gas and a portion of the historic Atlantic City boardwalk has been washed away.  Access is still restricted onto islands such as Ocean City, Long Beach Island and Seaside Heights. Atlantic City’s 12 casinos remained closed.

Meanwhile, gasoline is at a premium and residents stand in lines for up to five hours waiting.  The state developed a ration system in an attempt to speed waiting time.

Gov. Chris Christie plans to ask the president to allow the Army Corps of Engineers to work on how to rebuild beaches and find “the best way to rebuild the beach to protect these towns.”

Washington DC area

While the DC area avoided the brunt of Sandy, Eastern Maryland is still recovering from the storm. Western Maryland and West Virginia were dealt with as much as 29 inches of snow.

Pepco and BGE brought in out-of-state crews to help restore power to the 330,00 customers, while the rest of the area hunkered down and hoped for the best.

New England

Heavy wind and rains flooded many of the region’s coastal cities; many of its ports are closed due to high winds. Sandy hit Connecticut hard, ravaging homes on Long Island Sound.

In Rhode Island Schools closed and about three inches of rain affected the state.

President Obama signed federal emergency declarations for 10 states and the District of Columbia. He also cancelled all campaign plans from Monday to Tuesday stating that he will personally oversee the storm response from the White House.

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