Opinion: Election Comes Down To Trust, Character

Romney Signs Wind Turbine In Iowa

Romney Signs Wind Turbine In Iowa (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

There are a lot of formalities in these debates along with a lot of fluff, and you have to sift through it to figure out what the candidates are actually saying. Often, they are not saying much, and a lot of things politicians say are lies and spin. On the surface, the outcome of these four debates is roughly equal, with the Republicans coming out slightly on top. When you dig deeper, this equality falls away.

The Democrats seemed much ruder than the Republicans across the board in the debates, interrupting their opponents and speaking over the moderator. Vice President Biden was particularly bad in this area, interrupting the times during the Vice Presidential Debate. Romney and Ryan interrupted too, but the Democrats were far worse. The Romney-Ryan ticket seemed to have a clearer plan than the Obama-Biden ticket; the Democrats often attacked the Republicans for their lack of a plan, however, the Democrats did not have their facts straight. For example, in one of the debates, President Obama criticized Governor Romney’s “five-point plan” for only being a “one-point plan.” The reality is that Romney had a plan posted on his website containing an extensive list of points long before the debates, and he simplified the plan to a five points to make it understandable for the average voter without the background in economics that Romney possesses.

That’s not the only time the Obama administration tripped-up the truth recently.

The Laffer Curve shows how after a certain point increasing tax rates will start to reduce tax revenue.

During the debates both Obama and Biden claimed the math behind Romeny’s five-point economic plan was unsound; however, the math is supported by 6 studies. The Laffer Curve shows that tax rates hit a critical point where revenue peaks; increasing taxes past this point actually reduces revenue because the government ends up “taking a larger slice from a smaller pie.” Unreasonable taxes increase the cost of business, so less business gets done. Where there is a lack of business, there is a lack of money, and therefore fewer resources to tax.

Obama attacks Romney, in ads as well as in the debates, for paying fewer taxes on a $20 million income than a tax payer making only $50 thousand. This is a clear misrepresentation of the facts. Joe Biden laid out the exact numbers in the VP debate stating Romney pays 14 percent on a $20 million income, which is more than the taxes on a $50 thousand income. The math puts taxes paid by Romney at nearly $3 million, which is 6 times more than the entire $50 thousand income. It is true that the tax rate is lower, but the actual amount paid is far greater. This issue is misrepresented by the Democrats.

Representative Trey Gowdy of South Carolina.

Mr.Obama clearly stated in the town hall debate that he immediately declared the attack in the Benghazi an act of terror. Mr.Romney challenged this statement. The moderator supported Mr. Obama with an off-hand comment, but she later reversed her statement. In the speech Mr. Obama made the day after the attack, he stated the America will not give in to terrorists, but he never called the attack an act of terror. Later in a speech in front of the United Nations President Obama blamed the attack on a YouTube video. The Obama administration claimed that this attack was a spontaneous protest against a “YouTube video”. This claim lead to a fiery testimony on October 10 by South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy  of the House Intelligence Committee demanding that the administration come before the committee and tell them who told them it was a youtube video.

On October 27 Fox News reported “President Obama has declined to answer directly whether a CIA annex was denied urgent requests for military assistance during the deadly attacks last month on U.S. outposts in Libya.”. Agents at the CIA annex in Benghazi were told to “stand down” when they heard gun shots.

Obama has lost my trust through these instances and many others. There are many strange claims concerning Obama attending Columbia University. There are claims that Obama applied as a foreign exchange student, claims that Obama only attended the university for one year, and claims that Obama did not even attend Columbia. Many of these claims come from students who attended Columbia. Private investigator Neil Sankey discovered that Obama also has 27 social security numbers. Yet, these things have barely seen the light day.

President Obama bows to the King of Saudi Arabi

I have personally examined the copy of President Obama’s birth certificate posted on the White House website, and found that it has been doctored. I have heard theories proposed that this document was doctored specifically to look fake with the intent of providing fuel for the birther movement, which made Republicans look bad. This seems like a crazy conspiracy theory, all I know is the document was definitely edited, I have seen it with my own eyes, but I do not know why.

The pixelation of some parts of the president’s birth certificate show letters were penciled onto the file artificially. When you zoom-in on the PDF file released on WhiteHouse.gov, you can see some letters have a hard boarder on them, rather than the smooth transition from the black in the ink to the green background of the page.


I am not a Republican, I a conservative. In fact, I do not particularly like Mitt Romney as a politician, I am very wary of his politics. For example, his health care program in Massachusetts was the model for Obamacare. Since Romney’s 2012 campaign, Romney has made it clear he wants to assume a more conservative mantle. Whether or not Romney will follow through with these claims remains to be seen, but Obama’s actions as president have already been seen for several years.

Obama claimed that he would fix the economy, and he has not. Lots of voters are disgruntled, and I saw a voter state on the news after a debate that she was not an undecided voter choosing between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, she was an undecided voter choosing between Romney and not voting.

And to add to this, Obama has never held a free market job: he majored in “community organizing” (what exactly is a community organizer?), and he jumped straight to politics, where he relaxed and barely voted on anything.

Romney has had many big jobs, and he has balanced budgets and has proven he understands very well what makes the economy tick. He has worked for the Olympics, and he has worked for Bane Capitol.

Accusations of Romney being an elitist are hypocritical at best. Barack Obama has taken more golf breaks than any past president, Mr.Obama went to Harvard Graduate School, and he is not exactly begging for scraps. In August 2010 Michelle Obama took her daughter Sasha and her friends on a vacation to Spain, costing tax payers $467,585 According to Records Obtained by Judicial Watch

On social issues, I believe Romney’s more right-wing approach is more effective, but that is my opinion, aside from that, the candidates seemed to perform at an almost equal level on the surface. When you dig deeper, into the issues, you find that Obama has spun too many facts to his advantage. When you dig deeper, you find pictures on the Internet of Obama stepping off a helicopter giving a disinterested salute to two soldiers while he talks on his phone. I see a president who tells Americans “You didn’t build that.”

When I burrow into Romney’s character, I find stories about his personal life when he spent his personal time helping families in need with charity. After a family Romney barely knew was struck by a devastating accident—to which I honestly cannot remember the details—Romny spent time supporting the family, and Mitt Romney promised to pay for the children to go to college out of his own pocket.

On the surface of the issues, Romney and Obama came out at about equal standing. On social issues, my opinion leans to the right with Mr. Romney. When you get right down to it, I do not like Obama. He is charismatic in front of a teleprompter, but when you look past the surface there is nothing inside that is attractive. The President is disrespectful to our troops, and respectful to the king of Saudi Arabia. His priorities are out-of-whack.

Romney is a charitable man, who genuinely cares for the good of the people. I like Romney, and I trust him to be a good man and do his best, at the very least. Even if I do not agree with his politics 100 percent, I like him, and I can support his opposition to Obama because of that.

Ultimately, this race comes down to trust and respect. Obama lost me through his actions, and Romney gained my trust and respect through actions of his own. I do not support Romney’s politics in a lot of places, but they are a far cry better than the policies of the Obama Administration. We have had four years of defective actions from Obama, and I do not want four more.

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