DHS announces intent to create “Cyber Reserve”

The Department of Homeland Security announced their intent to build a corps of computer experts to reduce the threat of cyber-terrorism.

“If you go to an emergency room and something is critically wrong with, let’s say a spine, they don’t call in any doctor. They call in a specialist,” said DHS Deputy Secretary Jane Holl Lute in an interview with Nextgov.

The Cyber Reserve, as the DHS refers to it, will consist of contractors called on to help prevent hackers from doing serious damage to government systems. The Cyber Reserve will act like regular military reserve, calling the experts in times of crises.

After superstorm Sandy reeked havoc on the electrical grids in major US cities the DHS feared for the country’s cyber health and decided to fortify itself.

Also, last summer saw a rash of talented hacker groups such as Anonymous and Lulzsec prompted topple major corporations such as Apple and Amazon.

Saudi Aramco's headquarters complex in Dhahran...

Saudi Aramco’s headquarters complex in Dhahran, Eastern Province (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, Iranian hackers are the most notable group the DHS is concerned about, and want to protect the oil giant Saudi Aramco.

The DHS is considering following the model established by the National Security Agency and starting college programs to attract and motivate security experts. The Reserve is based on an existing program in Estonia.

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