New I.D. Requirements For The SAT

Avalon School sophomore Ben Carver uses a number two pencil to answer questions on the PSAT exam on October 17, 2012 in Gaithersburg, Md.

The College Board of Education implemented new security measures for students taking the SAT in the 2012-13 academic year.

Concerns of fraud influenced the effort and new legal documentation is required in order to take the test with no exceptions.The measures students must take include sending in a picture of themselves prior to the test upon registering to take it.Other instructions include providing an admission ticket which includes a picture of the student on test day. Instructors will turned away violators who do not also carry a photo ID on them to the test center.

“The worst part about the new rules is waiting in the MVA to get your ID,” said Niko Sanchez.

Another requirement involves identification and proof of the student’s current high school when registering,

Additionally, test supervisors will also have access to a printable online registry complete with photos of each test taker.

Students are no longer allowed to change the test location or type of test on test day. Any changes must be arranged in advance.

Throughout the day, test takers are required to present a photo ID as well as his or her admission ticket upon entry to the test center, entry to the test room, reentry to the test room following breaks and when collecting answer sheets.

Finally, test takers will sign a stronger certification statement which entails a student’s full knowledge of safety measures, agreement to comply and acknowledgement of consequences if the student cannot abide or is caught cheating.

“These rules are reasonable but at the same time you can still cheat,” said senior Thomas Bonatti.

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