Vice Presidential Debate Ends In Draw

Republican Vice President hopeful Paul Ryan accused the Obama Administration Thursday of failing to put forward a plan for the economy.

Ryan, a United States House of Representatives member, made the accusation at Thursday’s Vice President debate when he faced off with current Democrat VP Joe Biden.  The Representative from Wisconsin’s first district said Obama’s enonomic idea is nothing more then a speech.

Biden, 69, countered and claimed Romney’s plan to lower tax rates by 20 percent and cut out loopholes in the tax code for the rich to evade taxes legally is mathematically impossible.

Romney’s plan is supported by six independent studies, but Biden maintains his disbelief in the plan.

The former Senator from Delaware also criticized Romney for paying 14 percent taxes on a $20 million income, and said he is paying less than someone with a $50 thousand income.

Republic VP hopeful Paul Ryan

Experts disagree because 14 percent of $20 million is nearly $3 million, six times more money than the entire $50 thousand income.

Ryan also attacked the Obama Administration on Medicare and Social Security.

“Medicare and social security are going bankrupt, these are indisputable facts,” Ryan explained.

Ryan proposed changing the programs for people of ages 54 and below to “guarantee that they don’t change for people in or near retirement.” Ryan also supported more choices for people in these programs, and to remove subsidies for the wealthy.

The Obama administration stopped overpaying for healthcare through medicare, saving $716 billion, and extended the life of medicare to 2024. Biden claimed Ryan’s voucher program will increase the cost of medicare

Avalon teacher Tom Stroot pointed out an inconsistency Biden’s policy and claimed Biden calls for the government to take responsibility for Americans’ Social Security and Health Care, but Biden called for Afghanistan to take responsibility.

The event aired nationally in prime time and was the second of four Presidential debates, but the other three will only feature Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama.

Both VP Candidates Impress

Avalon students and faculty agreed Biden surprised many with his performance against Ryan in the debate, but Ryan is a stronger candidate.

Vice President Joe Biden

“I found a lot more respect for him,” Tom Black, Avalon’s government, teacher said about Biden.

Biden often times asked for voters to trust him over Ryan, but never explained why voters should trust him over Ryan.

His tactics did not go unnoticed and many questioned his genuineness.

“I got the feeling he was playing the ‘I know something you don’t know, I can’t tell you about it, but trust me everything is good’ [game],” elaborated Stroot.

Also, Biden is widely criticized for his manners during the debate. The Republican National Committee reports that Biden interrupted Ryan 82 times during the 90 minute debate.

“I know you’re under a lot of duress to make up for lost ground, but I think people would be better served if we don’t keep interrupting each other,” Ryan told Biden after being interrupted several times.

Others blame ABC’s Martha Raddatz, the debate moderator, for allowing Biden to trample Ryan.

But Avalon freshman Nolan McEleney disagreed, “She actually knew Obama from his college days, and some thought the debate would be really biased toward Biden and the democrats, but for the most part she didn’t really seem to side with anybody.”

Still, many Avalon students prefered Ryan to Biden.

“Ryan seemed more like a real person,” said senior Josh Solomon.

Interestingly, other students not only preferred Ryan to Biden, but actually preferred Ryan to Romney.

“I actually think he’d make a a better president than Romney, he just needs a few more years under his belt,” said senior Mike Collins.

Duo Valde Diversis Catholicis

The Vice Presidential debate was historic because it was the first debate between two catholic candidates and both shared different opinions on abortion.

Ryan stated abortion is wrong, but adjusted his position to accommodate Romney’s view that abortion is acceptable in cases of rape, incest, and life of the mother.

Biden believed abortion is wrong because of  his Catholic faith, but insisted he will not impose his view on others.

The abortion issue is important to Avalon faculty members who oppose the Obama ticket, but many felt Romney did not represent their values as well.

“Maryland is such a Democratic state that the Republicans have virtually no chance of winning,” said Headmaster Kevin Davern. “I don’t want my vote to be construed as supporting Romney.”

Other faculty members took a more mainstream opposition to the Obama ticket.

“When it’s coming down that close I don’t think it’s the right time to make a statement with a third party candidate,” said Black.

Ultimately, Thursday’s debate was considered a draw nationally and a CNN pole favored Ryan by a statistically insignificant lead.

The next debate is set for Tuesday October 16, in New York and will feature the second contest between Romney and Obama.

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