Apple Releases iPhone 5

The iPhone has grown up since its release in 2007; literally,with the screen a half inch bigger than the last version, 4s, and it is safe to say that the iPhone 5 is the largest iPhone yet.
The iPhone 5 feels like the 4 when held in your hand, yet it is noticeably lighter and of course larger. Apple decided to keep the brushed aluminum edges but painted them the color of the device.Also, designers moved the headphone jack to the bottom of the phone to reduce interference while using headphones and interacting with the phone.
To keep up with it’s competitors, the iPhone 5 is wicked fast in the nearing post-computer age. A major speed boost was required in order to compete with flagship android phones such as the Droid RaZr and the Samsung Galaxy S3.Plus, iOs 6 brings speed improvements, fewer application crashes and is currently available to all iPhones newer then the iPhone 3Gs

Apple gave the iPhone 5 a larger screen to create a bigger picture because they wished to maintain the “retina displays” sold on the iPhone 4 and 4s.
However, the new iPhone is not as crystal clear as the 4 and 4s, but the picture quality is still excellent.
Apple also introduced a new type of earbud called ear pod and it comes with the new iPhones and iPods.  As usual, the company is chalking it up as the next best thing, but frankly, you can get a pair of ten dollar headphones that will pump out better sound quality .
New connector, no speed improvement really wasn’t a reason to create controversy. Apple should have kept the old 30 pin connector.
Interestingly, the screen makes the camera, and while an eight megapixel camera is nice, looking at it through a good screen makes it even better. In this case the wide screen resolution on the phone makes the pictures much better.
Wrap up
Solid phone, experts predict this is last multimillion sellout from Apple; hopefully software updates will fix minor bugs and unleash all of the phones power.

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