Alumni Update: Former Pitching Star Tackles Life Without Baseball

Former Avalon baseball standout Bennie Sanchez faces a dramatic change in his final year at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with the cancellation of the school’s baseball program.

Sanchez checks the runner on first base in a game during his senior year at The Avalon School.

Sanchez earned Old Line Baseball Conference Co-MVP honors his senior year at Avalon and received a scholarship to continue his baseball career at SCAD.

At SCAD, he helped stabilize a shaky pitching staff and climbed his way to the top of the pitching rotation in his sophomore year.

Without baseball, Sanchez found himself with lots of free time to fill and dove right into his favorite hobby, competitive paintball.

He recently joined a local paintball team called the Savannah Tide.  The team plays weekly for free because members volunteer at the field doing maintenance work.

The extra time also means not having to rush through schoolwork, a regular occurrence when baseball dominated his everyday life.

“Sometimes in the past school seemed like it came second to baseball, however now  I find I am more passionate about my work

Sanchez aims for a shot with his paintball gun while kneeling behind a barrel and a table flipped to it’s side during a competitive game.

and want to do better,” Sanchez said.

Still, Sanchez intends to play competitively again, and after graduation he plans on finding a team.

“I miss baseball a lot.”

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